Call for Late Breaking Abstracts

A call for late breaking clinical trial abstracts is open, submission deadline January 6, 2020. The call for late breaking abstracts is not considered as an extension of the general submission deadline October 21, 2019. Late breaking abstracts will be considered for potential oral presentation during one of the sessions at WCN 2020 and should follow the standard ISN structure, which includes an introduction, methods, results and conclusions.

Late breaking abstracts describe the latest advances and trial data and results that will change daily clinical practice and have not been previously published or presented. They should highlight novel and practice-changing studies.

The focus of late breaking abstracts is placed on capturing abstracts with ground-breaking and unique data that would not otherwise have been presented at the World Congress of Nephrology 2020. If you have data in the pipeline, the Scientific Program Working Group would be interested to receive your submission and consider it for presentation at WCN 2020.

For submitters:
In order to be considered for presentation, late breaking abstract submitters are required to submit a ‘place holder’ abstract during the regular submission period (deadline October 21, 2019) and identify them as a ‘DE NOVO’ abstract during the submission process. Updated versions of the abstract(s) may be emailed (in Microsoft word format) to the congress secretariat no later than January 6, 2020. Please email updated late breaking abstracts, clearly indicating the original place holder abstract number, or any further questions directly to the ISN WCN Congress Team via: